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What is a Chakra?

“Chakra means “wheel of light” in Sanskrit, and each one looks a bit like a funnel or vortex that spins when it is operating optimally. As the chakras spin, there is a constant exchange of energy with the environment – going from them out into the world and from the unified field coming in. That incoming energy nurtures and supports our individual fields and physical bodies”  (King, 2011, p. 5)

The chakras are circular energy centres that (in my opinion) are the easiest part of our energetic body to recognize and perceive in others and ourselves. The chakras are dynamic and constantly changing centres of energy that send and receive information about who we think we are and how we perceive the world around us. The chakras can be spinning strongly in a clockwise direction which means that the chakra is healthy; or it can be closed due to trauma or self denial; or even elliptical due to skewed thoughts, negative beliefs or stress. Ideally you want all your chakras to be spinning in a circular and clockwise direction and all the main seven chakras to be roughly the same size. If a chakra becomes much larger and more powerful than the other chakras it takes over. It’s kind of like having massively strong back muscles and no core strength. The back muscles will take over how you move your body through the world and you will become reliant on those strong back muscles, to the detriment of the rest of your body, which eventually will lead to pain and a poor posture.

“We want our energy systems to function normally. We want them to be able to pull energy in to nourish and support us. We want free-flowing energy throughout every cell, tissue and organ in our bodies.”
(King, 2009, p.7)

There are seven main chakras and each relate to a certain theme in your life as well as physical parts of the body. (But it’s not as simple as a headache means an upset sixth or seventh chakra. The same way that a backache can actually mean something is off with your feet or knees.)

Over the next seven vlogs I will take you on a journey to each of your seven chakras in order for you to receive information about your body and the way you interact with the world.

“Eastern religions teach that the human body contains seven energy centers. Each of these energy centers contains a universal spiritual life-lesson that we must learn as we evolve into higher consciousness…The chakra system is an archetypal depiction of the individual maturation through seven distinct stages. The chakras are vertically aligned, running from the base of the spine to the crown of the head, suggesting that we ascend toward the Divine by gradually mastering the seductive pull of the physical world…As a person masters each chakra, he gains power and self-knowledge that become integrated into his spirit, advancing him along the path toward spiritual consciousness in the classic hero’s journey” (Myss, 1996, p.68)


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