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What is the Heart (Fourth) Chakra?

The Heart Chakra is also known as Anahata which translates to unhurt, unstruck or unbeaten. Isn’t that just gorgeous! I love to think that there is always a part of us that is whole, complete and pristine.   Like a beautiful virgin rainforest, your Heart Chakra is the place you can sink into to find your own regenerating source of peace and love. A healing nurturing pure Divine Love that you can return back to yourself no matter what hurts or strikes you may have encountered.  No matter how badly you may have acted or how badly someone treated you, the Heart Chakra is where your forgiveness lies.

The Heart Chakra is located in the centre of the chest (and between the breasts for women), and the key message of the Heart Chakra is I am Love.

It is not surprising that painful heartbreak can cause someone to close off their heart and go into bitterness and resentment, or conversely, open up to vulnerability and the endless possibilities of heart expansion. To remain in anger, bitterness and resentment only affects your energy and ultimately your life.   To close your heart in order to not feel any hurts is also closing your heart to experiencing the sweetness of life – the joy, the bliss and the wonder. Ultimately, in attempting to protect yourself you are in fact rejecting yourself. Rejecting your own love and light.

A friend of mine recently suffered her second heart breaking miscarriage. She so desires to have her own biological children that this miscarriage opened her up to immense grief and vulnerability, as well as has gifted her with a level of compassion for her fellow humans in a way she has not experienced before. She says she actually feels closer to people, and especially other women.   The heartbreak has softened and opened her when for other women the same experience could harden and close them off. Ultimately this is your choice, and I would absolutely recommend the braver, bolder and sweeter choice of heart break, heart expansion and heart opening. As Rumi so beautifully stated: “The wound is the place were the Light enters you.”

To connect and strengthen your Heart Chakra:

  1. Place your hand over your heart and feel your heart beating. As you breathe in say to yourself “I receive Divine Love” and as you exhale “I share Divine Love.”
  2. Lying with your sleeping baby (or your niece or nephew) across your Heart Chakra opens up your chakra widely, as does doing the same with your much beloved cat or dog or rat (or ferret or whatever pet you love). Just feeling that connection and appreciation of another sentient being connects you with your Heart Chakra.
  3. Hug a loved one and feel your Heart Chakra connecting and vibing together.
  4. For women self breast massage with oil is a beautiful way to practice self love for heart expansion.
  5. Gently applying Sacred Self’s Self –Love Oil to your Heart Chakra, whilst affirming I love and accept myself is a fast track to heart expansion.

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