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What is the Second Chakra?

“The body is the garden of the soul.” (Kushner, 1993, 5.1.29)

The second chakra (svadhisthana) is also known as the sacral chakra or sex chakra.  The English translation is something like “one’s own base” or “the dwelling place of the self.” Whilst the first chakra’s sanskrit name (muladharaha) translates to “root” and is your connection to earth, the second chakra is your connection to yourself, your desires and in turn affects how you relate to people and the world around you. When desire is fully and healthfully expressed and one leans towards or even merges with this desire, creativity and new possibilities are born. The second chakra is the seed of creativity, the creativity of all life, and stores the energy to what you can give birth to, ie. your ideas, your gifts, your relationships and on and on and on. Your ability to be creative is infinite.

When this chakra is healthy you can feel and act upon things that pleasure you in a free and playful way. You enjoy the sweetness of life without guilt and you can sit with the duality of existence without resistance (the pleasure and the pain; the joy and the sorrow; and the contraction and expansion). You recognise when you are attracted to someone, not necessarily in a romantic/sexual way but you immediately can sense that fun buzz from someone’s energy. Conversely, you can notice when someone triggers or repulses you, but because you have a healthy second chakra you don’t take it personally, and in fact welcome the self-reflection of this tension.

In my video above, I discuss giving yourself mindful pleasure as a great way to charge up this chakra, but in reflection, perhaps mindful is not the best word. I would say mindless as pleasure is the body’s garden not the mind.

My quick tips for second chakra charging are:

  1. An Oil Bath.  Oil bathing is an ayurvedic technique and there are some good articles here and here. Massage coconut or sesame oil into your body whilst listening to music or your breath before taking a shower.  Easy delicious self care!
  2. Go and stand in the sun and feel that delicious warmth on your skin. Notice how your body is a powerful receiver for pleasure and sensation.
  3. Bring your awareness to that part of our body that concerns the second chakra. Think about blood and breath rushing to your sexual organs and the lower softest part of your abdomen.
  4. Check out Tantric Blossoming for some delicious resources to inspire healthy and sacred sexuality.
  5. Look at some resources like Alice Crawley and Money a Love Story and The Abundance Book by John Randolph Price to understand your relationship with money.
  6. Also there are many resources out there for addiction. Pray and meditate to be guided to the right path for you.

Such a rich chakra to explore and one that continues to open in the most delightful way. Enjoy!! Xx


Kushner, T. (1993). Angels in America, Part One: Millennium Approaches. United States on America: Theatre Communications Group. 5.1:29

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