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What is the Third Chakra?

The third chakra is know as Manipura which translates to something to do with jewels or gems. It is also known as the Solar Plexus, which is basically sun network. The same way a precious jewel needs sunlight to really sparkle and shine, this chakra is closely linked with the energy of the sun as well as heat and fire. The chakra is located around your navel and is connected with all things to do with the gut.

Such as:

  • having the “fire in the belly” to go forth and be the amazing powerful loving passionate human you were born to be;
  • to feel what is right in your gut and take empowered action;
  • to feel butterflies in your stomach when you are excited; and
  • to have the guts to stand up for what is right for you and ultimately the world.

When you have a healthy amount of fire in your belly combined with accurate gut instinct you can take inspired action that enhances your self-esteem and self-confidence. The third chakra houses the energy that leads to a healthy relationship with your self. This is the place where you have the strength to hold healthy boundaries, and because you have a vital self-image you are not looking outside of yourself for approval or acknowledgement.

We humans are great at ignoring gut instinct if we don’t like what that means for us. Perhaps the consequences mean we will have to expend some energy, lose status/money/power or upset the status quo. We can easily block our third chakra by overeating. That bloated slovenly feeling stops us from feeling what’s in our gut so we ignore the insight, and we feel too heavy and lethargic to take the appropriate action.

To enliven your third chakra strengthen the core with yoga or pilates, and take action (no matter how small) that leads to an empowered feeling. It could be as simple as cleaning out your closet or sending an email, or maybe do something really exciting like travel to the other side of the world on your own.

This is a very powerful chakra to live an empowered life. Be bold and brave and hone the power of your gut! xxx

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