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What is your Crown Chakra?

The Crown or Seventh Chakra, located on the top of your head (your crown), is also known as Sahasrara and is symbolised as a lotus with one thousand petals.  The lotus flower grows in murky muddy water and transcends its physical environment to create a higher reality – one of incandescent beauty.  Our Crown Chakra is the gateway to our H.S. (Higher Self or Holy Spirit), and our connection with The Divine.  This Chakra holds the energy for where we transcend our physical body and connect with the spiritual realms and to our own radiance and incandescence.

Between the Third Eye (Sixth Chakra) and the Crown Chakra are the pituitary and pineal glands.  The pineal gland influences hallucinatory, spiritual or “out of body” experiences, it regulates the hormone melatonin, and very likely is responsible for producing the chemical Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) also know as the “Spirit Molecule”.  Descartes, the mathematician and philosopher famous for “I think therefore I am,” regarded this tiny organ as the principal seat of the soul.

The pituitary gland is often known as the “master gland” and secretes hormones for reproduction, growth, sex and pain relief amongst other functions.  Many spiritual schools of thought associate the pineal gland with the Seventh Chakra and the pituitary with the Sixth Chakra, whilst others switch them around. Certainly both these higher physical chakras are related to these two important glands.

Meditation is the number one way to open, charge and balance the Crown Chakra.  On a physical level meditation affects the endocrine system of which the pituitary and pineal gland are major players.  “Through MRI scans, researchers studying the brains of meditators noticed increased activity in the parts of the brain dealing with autonomic function, and thereby, the endocrine system. By stimulating the endocrine system, meditation increases pleasant thoughts and feelings, decreases aging and even, through stimulation of the hypothalamus, increases immune system activity and the function of certain muscles.” (Eco Institute, 2016).

It only requires a commitment of twenty minutes a day of preferably a mantra based meditation, to feel the effects.  And twice a day is certainly more potent.  You will feel the difference in a matter of weeks.

Prayer and visualisations are also excellent for opening and clearing the Crown Chakra.


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