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What is your Third Eye (Sixth Chakra?)

“I dream my painting and I paint my dream”  VINCENT VAN GOGH

The Sixth Chakra is also known as the Third Eye and is the seat of your Intuition (Inner Tuition), Intellect and Imagination. Your Third Eye enables you to see and hold a vision for your dreams and life purpose. Being able to see the bigger picture, and viewing things from an archetypal perspective is the realm of your Third Eye. This is the chakra which enables you to see your connection to every living thing on Earth.

When the third eye begins to open, magical synchronicities occur as we begin to see and sense connections that previously would have seemed completely coincidental. Once the centre is activated, we can develop our potential for greater seeing, greater feeling, and greater hearing and move beyond the normal scope of our five senses. (King, 2009, p.136)

Einstein once said “imagination is more important than knowledge”, but the Third Eye enables you to see clearly through both of these lenses.  With a sharp intellect and honed intuition you will have incredible discernment.

To Open and Charge the Third Eye:

  • Practice visualising what you want for yourself and make sure you feel the effects of that visualisation in your body
  • See the sort of world you want to live in and really feel how that would be for you
  • Shut your eyes and visualise the different colours of the rainbow. Use your mind’s eye to see the entire spectrum.
  • Practice meditations that include visualisations
  • Day dream
  • Write down your dreams as soon as you wake up
  • Start noticing the flashing lights and glimpses of colour that you see out of the corner of your eye. What could they be?
  • Practice a meditation where you stare at a flower or flame and notice the incredible depth of beauty that is there
  • Go to the art gallery and soak in the beauty
  • Look after your eyes and practise eye exercises if you are in front of a computer
  • Journal to self reflect on your persepective. Questions to ask yourself:  Has your view of the world changed since you were a child?  In what way? Why is that?  How do you see yourself?  How would you see yourself if you really loved yourself?
  • Dare to dream! BIG!!!



King, D. (2009). Truth Heals. United States of America: Hay House

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