Getting Married or Commitment Ceremony?

Well, a Big Congratulations to you!

How wonderful to have found your best friend and soul mate to continue this journey on earth with. It’s not everyday we stand in front of our family, and friends to commit to someone for life.
To say to your beloved:
“I choose you. Out of all the people in the world, from the hundreds and thousands I have met and will meet, I choose you. For the rest of my life, everyday, and every moment you are my chosen one, my beloved.”
Getting married is a special and sacred ceremony, and I love to solmenise these beautiful events. It is an honour.

Before the “growing old” together begins, we need to satisfy a few legal requirements. Firstly, the NOIM (Notice of Intention to Marry) must be filled out one month prior to the wedding. (There are some exceptional circumstances where you can obtain a court order to reduce the time, but this is unusual. For further information, see To download the NOIM click here:

We can fill the NOIM out together, and it will require the following from you:
1. Australian Birth Certificate if born in Australia of both Bride and Groom
2. If born overseas, a foreign birth certificate or a valid overseas passport will be accepted. If these are in another language, they must be officially translated into English
3. Previous Marriages need to show termination with a Divorce Certificate or a Death Certificate.

However, if you are a same sex couple we don’t need to do the paperwork or use the official wording, so we can create a beautiful commitment ceremony for you and your beloved they way you want it.

If you decide that I am the celebrant for you, I will provide you with a resource folder that will give you many ideas for your ceremony.

However, our first meeting can be a meet and greet where you and your beloved can discover if I am the celebrant for you. This is of course free and with no obligations. Hope to meet you soon!